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Food Testing Insights

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Food Testing Insights | Issue #7, 2018 | An in-depth look at innovations and applications
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To meet the challenge of ensuring food quality and authenticity, you must stay up to date on the industry’s best practices.

Food Testing Insights makes it easy by delivering the latest applications, innovations, tools, and techniques straight to your inbox every quarter.


The front lines of food testing

Dr. Jenny Nelson How is MS innovation helping the food and beverage industry?

Dr. Jenny Nelson explains how MS advances enable more reliable detection of pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins.

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Featured video

Produce European Reference Laboratory works to improve food safety and quality

Professor Amadeo Fernandez Alba describes how his lab is meeting strict detection limits while enabling faster analysis.

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The application pipeline

Agilent Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System—a New Solution for Food Testing
Elemental Profiling of Whiskey Using the Agilent 5100/5110 ICP-OES and MPP Chemometrics Software
Determination of Copper in Green Olives Using
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Innovations with purpose

Lab scientists
Your best results begin with the best sample preparation

Unexpected downtime, sample rerun, and maintenance often have their roots in the first part of your workflow. Increase productivity with Agilent sample preparation solutions.

What if you could give your analysts 40% more time?

Our MassHunter Productivity App for targeted pesticides screening by LC/TQ combines data acquisition and review into a single interface.

Intuvo/7000D GC/TQ system
Pesticide and environmental pollutants screening from start to finish

Quickly implement optimized targeted screening analysis on the Intuvo/7000D GC/TQ system using a comprehensive workflow kit.

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Exclusive insider offers

Simple strategies for complex samples

Need to brush up on the basics or implement advanced sample preparation techniques? Look no further than the updated Agilent Food Testing Application Compendium.

Newly updated:
ICP-QQQ Applications BibliographyOver 400 peer-reviewed papers describe how Agilent ICP-QQQ systems have helped hundreds of labs expand their analysis into areas never before possible.
Oil based dressing
Faster, more confident FAMEs analysis

Perform fast analysis of FAMEs with superior resolution—even for challenging cis-trans isomers found in milk fat, vegetable oil, and fish oil.

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Analyst-to-analyst webinars

Apples Live: Aroma and Flavor Analysis in Food and Beverage Samples

Andreas Hoffman from Gerstel explains how to profile flavor compounds in matrix-heavy samples—while avoiding the effects of nonvolatile matrix material.

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Food Quality & Safety Farm to Fork Safety On demand: Increase Productivity in Your Lab Operation—New Pesticide Surveillance Solutions for Food Testing

Learn about new products, solutions, and consulting insights that can get you on the fast track to success in pesticides surveillance.

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Various foods On demand: Tracing the Origin of Food—Establish Food Authenticity Using Elemental Profiling

Join UC Davis and Agilent to learn how to determine if variations between samples are enough to confirm geographic authentication.

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Fries in oil On demand: Rapid Determination of MCPD and Glycidyl Esters in Food Using the DGF Fast and Clean Method and Agilent GC/MS

Refining raw food oil can produce harmful MCPD and glycidyl fatty esters. This webinar demonstrates a well-established DGF method presented by Axel Semrau and SIM.

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Food testing live

Scientist inspecting hemp plant Agilent was at AOAC… were you?

If you missed AOAC, or just want to revisit your favorite posters and presentations, we have you covered.

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