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Agilent eNews | Issue 14

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Innovations with purpose

Teaser Fuel Blends Analysis with FTIR

FTIR is an ideal method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of biofuel fractions, that provides accurate and fast information about the structural phenomena at the molecular level.

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Teaser Perform more physiologically relevant experiments

MitoXpress Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay is a unique sensor reagent for real-time quantification of intracellular oxygenation.

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Teaser Are complex samples complicating your workflow?

Agilent has compiled a series of free application compendiums that guides you through sample preparation protocols.

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Teaser Fast, high resolution, and reproducible glycan identification

Download the selection guide and application notes for an overview of key workflow components for glycan analysis.

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Analyst-to-Analyst Live Webinar

MS/MS How MS/MS Can Improve Your ICP-MS Data Quality, Whatever Your Application

July 11, 2018
Time: 15.00 CEST
Presenter: Bert Woods, ICP-MS Applications Chemist, Agilent Technologies

Understand how MS/MS can simplify your ICP-MS analysis, by allowing you to use consistent reaction methods for varied samples.

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SETAC 2018. Access all the Agilent material

Don’t miss out on Agilent’s presentations from Rome.

Did you miss EPRW 2018?

Gain full access to Agilent material which was presented at the 12th European Pesticide Residue Workshop Pesticides in Food and Drink in Munich.

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Don’t miss out on Agilent live
Visit Agilent at TIAFT – 56th International Congress of Forensic Toxicologists

August 26-30, 2018
Ghent, Belgium

Join Agilent at booth #S2, a our scientific workshop and a relaxing boat trip along the River Leie.

Visit Agilent at IMSC 2018 – 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference

August 26-31, 2018
Florence, Italy

Join the Agilent scientific seminars and meet our product and application specialists at booth #51 & 56.

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More Information
Upcoming Events
Polish Conference on Analytical Chemistry

July 1-5, 2018

Lublin, Poland

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SEGH – 34th International Conference on Sustainable Geochemistry

July 3-7, 2018

Livingstone, Zambia

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South African Society of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

July 8-11, 2018

Potchefstroom, South Africa

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EBEC 2018 – 20th European Bioenergetics Conference

August 25-30, 2018

Budapest, Hungary

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Dioxin 2018 – 38th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants and 10th International PCB Workshop

August 26-31, 2018

Krakow, Poland

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