Fast, Accurate and Powerful Petrochemical Analysis

Fast, Accurate and Powerful Petrochemical Analysis

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The Next Step in Petrochem Process Analysis

Fast, Accurate and Powerful Petrochemical Analysis

Meeting the world’s increasing need for energy is a challenge. Regulatory requirements, cost reduction and good environmental stewardship impose tough demands.

For 40 years Agilent’s collaboration with ASTM International in the creation and management of standardized analysis procedures. The result; a portfolio featuring integrated workflow and automation solutions for enhanced efficiency, sample preparation through analysis to report. End to End solutions meet those tough demands

Whether its custom or standard analyzers configured for your specific test. Whether you need to quickly obtain detailed speciation of a complex hydrocarbon stream, precisely calculate gas calorific values in the field, assess efficiency of your fuel cell stack, or analyze a new bio-fuel formulation, Agilent has custom methods and solutions.

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Fast, Accurate and Powerful Petrochemical Analysis

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From our latest Arsine & Phosphine Analyzer to our Natural Gas Analyzers – Agilent Delivers results you can rely on.

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