Academia Insights – Is Your Microbiome the Key to Your Weight?

Academia Insights – Is Your Microbiome the Key to Your Weight?

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Academia Insights Issue 13

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Intestines Is your microbiome the key to your weight?

Research involving twins indicates that the bacteria in a person’s intestines can have a dramatic effect on whether they are thin or obese.


Professor Jiandong Jiang Agilent presents award to renowned drug discovery researcher

Professor Jiandong Jiang has received an Agilent Thought Leader Award in support of his studies on cancer stem cell differentiation induced by natural products.

LC systems The perfect time to refresh your LC technology

Agilent will migrate product support away from 1200 Series LC systems toward newer and more technologically advanced LC systems in its portfolio.

Featured Research

Larry Lesko Agilent assists research into drug-induced kidney damage

Lawrence Lesko was given a perfect opportunity to embark on a new research project where the risks would be high, but so would the potential rewards.

Featured Applications

PDF Bio-inert LC releases fewer metals
PDF In-depth peptide mapping with iterative MS/MS acquisition


interactive applications e-book Food Analyzers, Libraries, and Databases

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Agilent InterAct Agilent’s virtual information system

Get deeper insights into Agilent’s product and solution portfolio with new version of Agilent InterAct.

Smartphone app Smartphone app for Bioanalyzer

Install Bioanalyzer Buddy to make the most of your Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer system.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry ebook Free e-book: Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Learn how this important technique meets the increasingly stringent demands of modern food analysis.

Brain Teaser

Brain teaser image Technology under the microscope

Can you guess what this is?

Hint: Each probe tip is spotted with solid-state sensor material containing polymer-embedded fluorophores. It is a key component to detect changes in both pH and O2.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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