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Agilent eNews | Issue 4

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What’s new?

Efficiently separate more compounds than you ever thought possible!

Gain insights into a wider range of compounds with InfinityLab Poroshell 120 innovation.

Dive deeper to uncover mechanisms with Agilent Seahorse XF PMP

Learn how researchers use XF PMP to discover drug mechanism of action.

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Analyst-to-Analyst Webinars
insuline Live:
Robotic Extraction and LC/MS/MS Forensic Analysis of Insulin AnalogsWednesday, January 31, 2018
Time:8.00 PST / 16.00 GMT
Presenter: Dr. Kevin LeggIn this webinar, we will present the advantages of an automated immuno-affinity micro-extraction approach for the quantitation of insulin analogs in post-mortem vitreous humor.

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On demand: Fast, Accurate and Sensitive Detection of Trace Organic Contaminants in Water using Online SPE with Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

Presenter: Terri Sosienski, Ph.D. Marketing Applications Scientist Agilent Technologies

In this webinar, we’ll introduce a fast and robust method for trace level detection of 51 TOrCs using the latest technology in triple quadrupole LC/MS—all with a smaller footprint.

On demand: Keeping your GC up and running

Presenter: Rachael Simon – Product Manager for GC Supplies Agilent Technologies

This webinar will cut through the confusion, and give you practical tips that will help you master GC maintenance.

On demand: Redefining Food Analysis and Processing

Presenter: Daniela Barile, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Food Science and Technology University of California, Davis

This presentation will discuss some examples to show how various by-products from agro-food chains can be valorized, particularly regarding the prebiotic oligosaccharides content.

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Industries’ Testing Insights


To meet the challenge of ensuring food quality and authenticity, you must stay up to date on the industry’s best practices.

Energy & Chemical

It’s more important than ever to be selective when choosing technical resources to help you save time and maximize your bottom line.


To achieve your goal of ensuring accurate, reliable, legally defensible results, you must stay up to date on the industry’s best practices.


It is one more way that Agilent brings you a complete solution for dissolution—including hardware, software, and education.

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Innovations with purpose
Forensic sample Take the Next Step in Blood Alcohol Concentration Analysis

Ensuring confidence in measurement of blood alcohol has never been easier with the latest solutions from Agilent.

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Scientists power
Power your lab

Meet today’s regulatory challenges with guidance from on-demand webinars and standards application methodologies.

See the whole picture

From identification, to quantification, to exploration, the 7250 GC/Q-TOF delivers full-spectrum, high-resolution, accurate-mass data.

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Discover immune cell activation requirements and signaling in real-time.

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Extend your capabilities with the new Agilent InfinityLab SFC Solutions.

Check out 80 new Agilent Seahorse XF publications.
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Upcoming Events

Agilent Environmental and Food User Meeting

February 27 – March 1, 2018

Twickenham Stadium, Twickenham, London, UK

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