Forensic Insights: New webinars and applications

Forensic Insights: New webinars and applications

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Issue #4, 2018 Forensic Testing Insights | An in-depth look at innovations and applicaitons

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To achieve your goal of ensuring accurate, reliable, legally defensible results, you must stay up to date on the industry’s best practices.

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Emerging Trends and Techonolgies
On demand: Emerging Trends and Technologies

Explore how curated libraries and databases can help your lab leverage its LC/MS instruments to meet new challenges and opportunities.

DART-TOF MS Screening of Fentanyl and Other Emerging Drugs
On demand: DART-TOF MS Screening of Fentanyl and Other Emerging Drugs

Learn how the DART ion source, coupled with a TOF-MS, can improve your initial screening of unknown and emerging drugs.

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Analyst-to-analyst webinars

Dr. Lewis Couchman
Live: Ultra-fast and high-resolution LC-MS analysis in forensic toxicology testing

Learn how ASI is transforming their forensic toxicology testing using ultra-rapid LC separations with high-resolution mass spectrometry.

Dr. Kevil Legg
Live: Robotic Extraction and Analysis of Insulin Analogs

Dr. Kevin Legg presents an automated immunoaffinity microextraction approach for quantitating insulin analogs in postmortem vitreous humor.

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Application pipeline

    Improving Confidence in Compound Identification Using Agilent Curated Databases and Libraries

New White Paper reveals how Agilent accurate mass libraries and databases are developed. Discover why this curating process will improve the quality of results produced in your lab.

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Confirmation of Carfentanil, U-47700 and Other Synthetic Opioids in a Human Performance Case by LC/MS/MS
A Forensic Toxicology Method for the Determination of Desomorphine, Heroin, Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Metabolites in Urine Using LC/MS ICP-QQQ
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Innovations with purpose

Rapid results, defensible data: Agilent Dual Channel Blood Alcohol Analyzer

Confidently confirm the presence of ethanol and determine its concentration.

Be Agilent sure in your protein and peptide analysis

Automate your preparation of protein and peptide samples for LC/MS analysis with the flexible, easy-to-use Agilent AssayMAP platform.

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Exclusive insider offers

New Designer Drug Kit
Put your unknowns to rest: New Designer Drug Kit

Rapidly and accurately screen for designer drugs, metabolites, and other toxins with our newly updated Designer Drug Kit—including GC/MS designer drug libraries.

Agilent 7010B and 7000 D ICP-QQQQ
Expand your lab in multiple dimensions

The new Agilent 7010B and 7000D
ICP-QQQ GC/MS systems feature multiple reaction monitoring, which allows you to intuitively specify the MS characteristics of your GC/MS/MS method.

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Featured video

Identifying Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) at the University of Antwerp

Hear how researchers at the University of Antwerp’s Center for Forensic Toxicology are expanding their understanding of new psychoactive substances and their effects.

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