New: Analyzing fentanyls with Q-TOF MS

New: Analyzing fentanyls with Q-TOF MS

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New LIVE webinar: DART-TOF MS Screening of Fentanyl and other Emerging Drugs
drugs Join Dr. Erin Shonsey and Dr. Curt Harper for a live program on using a Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) source coupled to a Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (TOF-MS) for the initial screening of unknown and emerging drugs in Drug Chemistry Laboratory applications.

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Dr. Erin Shonsey

Director of Research
Alabama Department
of Forensic Sciences

Dr. Curt Harper

Toxicology Discipline Chief
Alabama Department
of Forensic Sciences

The Front Lines of Forensic Testing
athlete vials drugs
Two scientists honored for doping control research

Agilent has presented its 2017 Manfred Donike Award to Drs. Viniciu Sardela and Luciana Pizzatti, both from the Anti-Doping Control Lab in Rio de Janeiro.

On-demand webinar:
The power of LC/TOF
data mining

Learn how NMS Labs used LC/TOF data mining to retrospectively interrogate data and solve challenging cases.

On-demand webinar:
High-res mass spec detection of fentanyl analogues

Discover novel techniques for analyzing non-pharmaceutical fentanyls in forensic toxicology casework using Q-TOF mass spectrometry.

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Exclusive Insider Offers
computer one partner
Newly updated Designer Drug Kit

Download our Designer Drug Kit, which now contains over 9,200 targets of interest—
including more than 1,200 designer drugs and metabolites.

One partner for legally defensible results

Whether you’re testing for poisons, screening for performance-enhancing drugs, or investigating a crime scene… Agilent MS systems enable you to analyze any kind of molecule or element.

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Get details
The Application Pipeline
Improved Resolution and Peak Shape Performance for the Determination of Blood Alcohol Concentration Using Agilent J&W DB-BAC1 Ultra Inert and DB-BAC2 Ultra Inert Columns A Forensic Toxicology Method for the Determination of Desomorphine, Heroin, Methadone, Buprenorphine and Metabolites in Urine Using LC/MS QQQ Analysis of Novel Synthetic Opioids U-47700, U-50488 and Furanyl Fentanyl by LC–MS/MS in Postmortem Casework
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Innovations with Purpose
7250 GC/Q-TOF See the Whole Picture:
7250 GC/Q-TOF

From performing routine screening to tackling complex matrices, the 7250 GC/Q-TOF helps you meet all of your identification, quantification, and exploration challenges.

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Ultivo Triple Quadrupole Unbelievably Powerful, Remarkably Small Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

Ultivo is packed full of the same power and accuracy you’ll find in the big guys but at a fraction of the size.

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Featured Videos
Featured video Detecting a Broad Range of Drugs at the Alberta Medical Examiner’s Office

Listen to Dr. Graham Jones, Chief Toxicologist, Alberta Medical Examiner’s Office, talk about how LC/TOF systems allow his lab to analyze target and unknown drugs undetectable by traditional GC/MS.

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