New video: Improve your sensitivity and precision

New video: Improve your sensitivity and precision

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Improve ICP-OES sensitivity and precision - Agilent OneNeb Series 2 Nebulizer

NEW video demonstrates how the OneNeb nebulizer achieves better results—even with high TDS samples

Do you need higher sensitivity and lower detection limits in your analyses? Then watch our new video that demonstrates how Agilent’s OneNeb Series 2 nebulizer takes reliable results to the next level with:

Less downtime. Minimize blockage with high TDS samples
Robustness. Polymeric construction ensures its lasting durability, even if accidentally dropped
Versatility. Can be used with aqueous solutions and organic solvents, and is suitable for any ICP-OES
Inertness. Use the OneNeb Series 2 with nearly any solution, including hydrofluoric acid digests

What’s more, Agilent’s OneNeb Series 2 nebulizer produces a fine aerosol, which increases sensitivity by maximizing transport efficiency and improving precision.

View our new video now
OneNeb Series 2
See the difference
for yourselfOur new video shows you how the OneNeb’s flow blurring nebulization:

Minimizes blockage— especially with samples containing high TDS levels
Improves efficiency across a wide range of solution flow rates
Is suitable for virtually any liquid
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