Mining & Geochem Insights Newsletter: Apps, Videos & More

Mining & Geochem Insights Newsletter: Apps, Videos & More

To keep your lab and mine sites running as efficiently and safely as possible, you must stay current with industry trends and best practices. But how do you find the time to sort through mountains of literature, both on paper and online?

Mining and Geochemistry Insights makes it easy by delivering the latest advances, applications, tools, and techniques straight to your inbox every quarter. In this premier issue, we highlight newly upgraded elemental analysis techniques and innovations from Agilent.

The Application Pipeline
Rapid Determination of Gold in Geological Samples Using the Agilent 4210 MP-AES Ultra-trace Analysis of Metals in Mineral
Reference Materials Using the Agilent 7900
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Rare Earth Element Determination in Geological Samples Using the Agilent SVDV ICP-OES

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Analyst-to-Analyst Webinars
MP-AES for Mining

Learn how next-generation MP-AES enables applications for measuring geological reference materials.

The 4210 MP-AES: See How It Works

Take a close look at how the new Agilent 4210 MP-AES covers a wide range of applications— from routine analysis in the lab to testing in remote mining locations.

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Exclusive Insider Offers
Atomic Absorbtion Rugged, Reliable, Low-Cost Atomic Absorption

Analyze base metals in ore grade material, minor or major components in steel and alloys, and high purity gold with Agilent’s rugged and reliable atomic absorption spectrometers.

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4210 MP-AES Elemental Analysis that Runs on Air

Make the switch from Flame AA to the revolutionary 4210 MP-AES. Free up your minerals analysis by locating the MP-AES where your samples are. With no need to source an ongoing gas supply, remote sites and mobile labs can dramatically optimize productivity and costs.

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ICP-OES Dual-View ICP-OES Minus the Compromise

Chosen by mining labs around the world—explore ICP-OES for fast, accurate and reproducible geochemical analysis. Determine traces in the presence of line-rich elements such as iron and titanium, analytes from trace to percentage levels, or handle digests with high levels of dissolved solids.

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ICP-MS ICP-MS for Ultimate Confidence in Trace Analysis

Achieve ultra-trace analysis of metals in mineral samples with 10x higher matrix tolerance, 10x wider dynamic range, and 10x better signal to noise than any other quadrupole ICP-MS.

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