Reach New Heights in GPC Efficiency

Reach New Heights in GPC Efficiency

Reach new heights in GPC efficiency
Partner with Agilent—the polymer experts—
to expand the limits of your GPC

For more than 40 years, Agilent has led the industry in developing thoroughly tested, reliable advances in GPC. This spirit of innovation—forged through experience—enables us to develop groundbreaking technologies that make GPC more accessible and efficient. For example:

Agilent GPC columns withstand high temperatures, aggressive solvents, and repeated solvent changes
New Agilent InfinityLab PL Multisolvent columns deliver higher resolution across many samples and solvents

Together with our top-quality standards and supplies, these robust columns can dramatically improve productivity in your determination of polymer characteristics.

Improve your GPC workflow operation today.

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Tips and Tricks for GPC/SEC Method Development and Improvement

DATE: September 13, 2017

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Method Development for Fast GPC/SEC

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GPC Productivity Kit

Learn how to maximize sample capacity and reduce labor and solvent costs. Includes product brochures, method development guide, solvent reference table, and more.

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