Food Testing Insights 

Food Testing Insights 

To achieve your goal of ensuring food quality and authenticity, you must stay up to date on the industry’s best practices. But how do you find the time to sort through mountains of literature—both on paper and online?

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The Front Lines of Food Testing
Wine and liquor bottles Why it’s Vital to Measure Elemental Components in Wine, Whiskey, and Beer: Elemental Analysis to Assess Safety, Authenticity, Quality, and Nutrition

Learn how New Belgium Brewing Company tackles analysis of wine, whiskey, and beer using ICP-OES and MP-AES.

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Salad Fast food
Feeling anxious? Try eating!

We all know that superfoods can lower cholesterol, reduce heart disease, and improve overall health. Now, research from Harvard Medical School suggests that these foods can also make us less anxious.

Still a Fan of Fast Food?

Researchers have uncovered yet another reason to avoid this unhealthy cuisine:
the packaging itself.

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We Live Efficiency

Maximize your LC workflow efficiency and gain automated access to hundreds of unique analytical separation conditions—without changing a single column or solvent bottle.

Applications Bibliography

More than 350 peer-reviewed papers illustrate how ICP-QQQ has helped labs around the world achieve more reliable food testing results.

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The Application Pipeline
Pesticides Multiresidue Analysis
Improved LC/MS/MS
Pesticide Multiresidue
Analysis Using Triggered
MRM and Online Dilution
Validation Results for
LC/MS/MS Pesticide Multiresidue Analysis
Using Triggered MRM
and Online Dilution
Triggered MRM
LC/MS/MS Method Development—Practical Considerations for MRM Optimization Using Agilent MassHunter Optimizer Software
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plant icon Determination of Macro
and Micronutrients in
Plants Using the Agilent
4200 MP-AES
High-Throughput Multi-Elemental Profiling of
Plant Samples with the
4200 MP-AES
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What Food Testing Experts are Saying…
Dr. Malcolm Driffield Substance Migration In Food Packaging

Dr. Malcolm Driffield, senior analytical chemist and section leader at Fera Science Limited, describes his work examining the migration of substances from food contact materials.

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Real Stories from the Lab
Egg-citing cost savings:
Insourcing a complex analysis with help
Game On:
Who won the sample prep challenge and saved the day for farmers?
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Analyst-to-Analyst Webinars
MassHunter Pesticides PCDL & Workflow for GC/Q-TOF

Learn a new technique that enables laboratories to implement a dual qualitative and quantitative screening workflow for the analysis of pesticides in food matrices.

Benefits of High Analytical Sensitivity GC/MS/MS for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Complex Samples

Dr. Katerina Mastovska from Covance labs explains how a lower injection volume, enabled by increased detection sensitivity, can reduce costs and improve data quality in routine pesticide residue applications.

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Food Testing Live
ExTech 2017—19th International Symposium on Advances in Extraction Technologies

June 27th-30th 2017 Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

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2017 North American Chemical Residue Workshop

July 23-26, 2017 Naples, Florida

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Cannabis Science Conference

August 28-30, 2017 Portland, OR

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131st AOAC International Meeting

September 24-27, 2017 Atlanta, GA

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RAFA—8th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis

November 7-10, 2017 Prague, Czech Republic

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